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Anet Antosova

Dancer, teacher, choreographer

Master degree from Physical education and Sports - Charles University - specialization in gymnastic sports


Anet is a strong female dancer from Prague, Czech Republic. She is renowned in dance specialties, where the emphasis is on femininity, strength and sensuality. She stands out by her passion for whatever she chooses, and she doesn't take a break until she finishes - not in vain she is called beast. She loves challenges and adventures as well as giving out endless love all over the world. Dancing Queen Anet is a real experience!


TWERK and other styles…

Anet's dance has become popular and in demand throughout the world, mainly because of its originality, which combines the African roots of Twerk and Booty Shake with wild femininity in energetic choreographies, including elements of many dance styles from Jamaican Dancehall to Street jazz & Contemporary Dance. Besides that, she is also a musical, film, and theatre productions, TV shows dancer/ choreographer as well as an on-tour dancer/choreographer. She works with both Czech and international artists e.g. she participated in American Superstar Kanye West's European Tour. 


Anet not only travels within the Czech Republic, but also abroad (Europe, The U.S.) where she judges the shows, performes, lectures the workshops, and creates the choreographies. Recently, she has been focusing on production and dramaturgy which are both closely related with choreographers job. 


Not ONLY moves…

Popular twerkshops by Anet not only develop overall fitness, including toning the thigh, buttock, back and abdominal muscles, but above all bring a sense of self-realization and incredible fun in the form of a dance party.


At Anet’s lessons you can learn not only new techniques, tricks, how to control your body in sensual and flow choreographies, but especially you can learn how to love yourself as you are!

Female Power Energizer

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